Viavi Helps Speed Headend and Hub Performance Scanning and Troubleshooting in DOCSIS 3.1 Deployments

Improve headend workforce productivity, cut OpEx/CapEx, and accelerate new service deployments with the DOCSIS 3.1-Ready VSE-1100 Video Spectrum Analyzer The Viavi Solutions® VSE-1100 is ready for D3.1 with a spread of new capabilities. Headend techs now have a tool they can count on for accurate D3.1 level measurements, troubleshooting tricky intermittent issues, and eliminating tedious test tasks. Adjust OFDM signals correctly — measure and set D3.1 OFDM carrier levels correctly as laid out … Read more

Get the Viavi case study: troubleshoot cell sites without leaving the ground

Quickly and easily identifying radio link issues like interference is a big challenge. You need tools that can rapidly isolate problems so you can turn up cell sites as fast as possible. Read our new case study about a Tier 1 operator in India that used RFoCPRI technology to determine the root cause of high received signal strength indications (RSSI), saving them time and money and avoiding a potentially dangerous tower climb. To … Read more

Successfully roll-out DOCSIS 3.1 with Advanced Network Testing and Extended Sweep Range

Quickly turn-up, align, and troubleshoot new and existing plants with powerful analysis from the OneExpert CATV ONX-630, compatible with existing (DSAM/SDA) sweep gear. Viavi Solutions’ OneExpert CATV, the first field meter with DOCSIS 3.1® service test capability, now offers sweep analysis for extended frequency ranges. The powerful ONX-630 is used to turn-up and maintain HFC networks, including DOCSIS 3.1 performance analysis, spectrum analysis, and forward and reverse sweep measurements. While the ONX-630 is … Read more

The Smart Way to Hunt for Interference

Radio frequency interference can cause major issues for your customers – with dropped calls, decreased battery life, poor voice quality, and reduced data throughput. Locating an interference source using traditional methods can take days, sometimes weeks, wasting valuable time and money, and increasing the potential for customer churn. Waste no more! Viavi has worked alongside major service providers to come up with a better solution. Watch this short video to learn about InterferenceAdvisor™: … Read more

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