How to resolve 4G network traffic problems caused by micro­bursts

Quickly and easily identifying Ethernet backhaul and business services issues is a big challenge for Service Providers and Enterprises since they deliver many different types of services and applications that must be supported and assured. Read Viavi’s case study about how a Tier 1 operator in EMEA used Viavi’s EtherASSURE and PacketPortal Intelligence Visibility solutions to segment and isolate problem causing micro­bursts to resolve a HUGE problem with 4G network traffic. If you’d … Read more

Webinar Recording Now Available: Empowering Your OSS Test Capability

Did you miss the webinar on Empowering Your OSS Test Capability? You can now watch the webinar here Overview: In todays networks, the challenges faced by network operations teams are increasing, especially when trying to view collected data in a meaningful way, and then using that information to better enable operations teams’ day-to-day activities. While ensuring that SLAs are being met is important, placing focus on the end user to make certain they … Read more

Smart Interference Hunting – No More Needle in a Haystack

InterferenceAdvisor Fully-automated interference hunting RF interference can reduce coverage, capacity, and throughput on your network. Detecting and isolating interference can be both challenging and time-consuming – but it doesn’t have to be. This Viavi case study shows how a Tier One service provider located an interference source in a dense residential area in just three hours, using InterferenceAdvisor™.

Conquering the Challenge of In-Band OSNR Measurement in Modern Networks

Did you miss the webinar on Conquering the Challenge of In-Band OSNR Measurement in Modern Networks? You can now watch this webinar where Viavi’s global product line team of Wolfgang Moench, Jon Lundberg, Tyler VanderPloeg and Doug Clague presents and discuss a novel solution for the problem of OSNR measurement in coherent, polarization-multiplexed traffic. Topics include: Characterizing and diagnosing 40 to 400G traffic without shutting down the network or individual channels Measuring in-service, … Read more

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