Find out how TELUS simplified their service operations

TELUS Case Study on how they used ION Media Conversion Platform to simplify their service operations

Want to Simplify your Service Operations and Gain More Control over Your Networks? TELUS, Canada’s fastest-growing nationwide telecommunications company with 12.5 million subscriber connections, has selected Transition Networks’ ION Media Conversion Platform to provide customers with the connectivity they need and the network bandwidth they desire. Previously, TELUS had been utilizing multiple vendor products to provide customers with business Ethernet and enterprise data services. This arrangement complicated network maintenance, created challenges with troubleshooting, … Read more

New Product Release: RMS19-NID2-01

2-Slot Shelf for S3290 Series NID

2-Slot Shelf for S3290 Series NID RMS19-NID2-01 We are excited to share that the RMS19-NID2-01 has been released and we want to make sure you are aware. To view more details please follow the link below. RMS19-NID2-01: New Product Release Features Space saving design: save rack space in low density deployments: 19″ rack mount, 1RU high Flexible Mix and match up to 2 Transition Networks S3290 Series NID devices Deep enough to hold … Read more

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