• Improve Install Validation with Viavi’s PathTrak PNM HomeTrak
    VIAVI JDSU PathTrak

    Improve Install Reliability, Service Quality, and Reduce Call Backs PathTrak PNM HomeTrak now available for comprehensive install validation Viavi Solutions introduces PathTrak PNM HomeTrak for install validation. Leveraging existing PathTrak PNM data, HomeTrak provides a live spot check to determine if an install is free from physical layer impairments that may impact service quality or

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  • Viavi Announces the Most Scalable RF Test Solution on the Market

    With CPRIAdvisor, mobile operators can efficiently monitor and troubleshoot uplink interference in cell sites

    Viavi Solutions has announced the launch of CPRIAdvisor, which will allow mobile service providers to remotely monitor RF conditions 24/7 for any fiber-to-the-antenna cell site.

    With the vast success of CPRI front-haul deployments, and the never-ending growth of mobile data, service providers are expanding from a typical distributed RAN architecture to a C-RAN (Centralized RAN) network topology. In C-RAN, base band units (BBUs) are co-located at a remote facility, and connected via CPRI links to a substantial number of remote radios spread around the network. Where C-RAN offers network and spectral efficiency, it also offers an opportunity for mobile service providers to troubleshoot network issues like RF interference in a more effective way.

    CPRIAdvisor - the most scalable RF Test Solution on the Market

    Viavi has partnered with mobile operators to develop CPRIAdvisor, a new RF test solution that takes advantage of C-RAN architecture to offer the following features and benefits:

    • Visibility: Increases RF visibility by performing continuous monitoring of the mobile spectrum and allowing remote access to expedite maintenance and problem resolution
    • Scalability: CPRIAdvisor is based on network probes with RF over Fiber (RFoFiber) technology, and is able to de-map RF components from fiber front-haul (CPRI or OBSAI) with flexibility in port density providing solutions for any type of cell-site. Whether it is a macro cell with a smaller number of front-haul fiber links or a large DAS/C-RAN with hundreds of front-haul links, CPRIAdvisor solution can handle both.
    • Efficiency: Depending on the network configuration, CPRIAdvisor can save more than 50% in terms of time and cost by offering unmatched maintenance efficiencies, and ultimately providing better mobile services and end user experience.

    As the market leader in fiber-to-the-antenna testing, Viavi was the first to market with RFoCPRI support, allowing customers to troubleshoot RF issues from the ground for remote radio based cell-sites. The addition of CPRIAdvisor to Viavi’s RF test solution portfolio offers mobile operators even greater flexibility for monitoring and maintaining cell sites.

  • RMS19-SA4-02: New Product Release
    RMS19-SA4-02 4-Slot Media Converter Shelf

    4-Slot Media Converter Shelf RMS19-SA4-02 It is with great news that we share with you the release of RMS19-SA4-02 4-Slot Media Converter Shelf. To view more details please follow the link below. New Product Release: RMS19-SA4-02 Features Clean up your stand-alone media converter installations with this 19” rack mountable shelf. Rack mount up to 4 stand-alone devices in

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