The EXA8 is a compact multi application device which can be used for aggregation, filtering and capturing of network traffic in real-time.

    Captures data for real-time analysis as well as historical playback – excellent for troubleshooting

    Captures on USB or SSD

    Capable of performing several other advanced applications like a Sessionmaster

    Allows to run 3rd party applications

    What to expect in this new product?

    Possible applications

    • Simple 4 link to 10 Gbit aggregator
    • 4 link to 10 Gbit aggregator with L4/L7 filtering
      to 1/10 Gbit output
    • 4 link aggregator with L4/L7 filtering to
      USB3.0 (pcap file)
    • 4 link to aggregator with L4/L7 filtering to
      eSATA (pcap file)
    • 4 link to 10 Gbit aggregator with Netflow V9
      metadata generation
    • Packet generator and pcap file replay box and
      many more applications


    • The EXA8 can be a mini Sessionmaster and
      perform all the functions like duplicate packet
      remover, Regex, Keyword search, IMSI
      filtering, mobile network filtering, distributed
      flow monitoring, and many more features
    • Smaller form factor and lower cost

    The EXA8 will be available in two versions:
    Standard Version
    A standard Cubro supported product with designated applications.

    Community Version

    An open community platform where users get the hardware with an Ubuntu linux open software which allows them to develop any software. Cubro will provide a user forum on for this product but no software related support.

    The users can develop several applications because several open source software are available for ARM CPU. Some examples include Wireshark, Openwrt, Ntop.