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CoverTel Power aims to become Australia’s most creditable supplier of:

  • Premium quality sustainable power generation and energy storage solutions – Hydrogen Fuel Cells, Combined Wind and Solar Turbines and Flow Battery Energy Storage technology
  • Electrolysers for Hydrogen production applications for use in power plants
  • Remote / off grid and temporary constant Hybrid power solutions utilising sustainable energy solutions

CoverTel Power;

  • Invests in Research & Development for ongoing enhancements in quality and efficiency
  • Creates custom built assemblies utilising alliances with 100% Australian owned partners only
  • Selects locally sourced components for balance of plant
  • Delivers integration & installation services
  • Performs maintenance and on-going support for all its projects
  • Continues to drive progress towards highest quality & efficiency 24/7 power generation solutions

Power generation applications include fixed indoor & fixed and mobile outdoor installations as well as customised and heavy duty fully containerised equipment solutions.

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CoverTel Services provides:

  • Rental of Telecommunications Test Equipment
  • Provisioning of project and asset management software tools
  • End to end solutions including design, supply, installation, commissioning and testing
  • Training of Telecommunications Technology and Testing Equipment

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CoverTel Telecommunications Group is a wholly Australian owned company that specializes in providing high quality products and reliable support and associated services primarily focused on the needs of specialised customer groups in the Telcommunications market, including carriers, OEMs, Corporate, Utilities, Government and Defence organisations.

Its key objective is to deliver the highest quality:

  • telecommunications infrastructure solutions
  • test equipment solutions and supporting services
  • design of automated network test monitoring solutions

at competitive “Value for Money”prices. All products and services are supported by compliance to Australian Standards for Quality Management, Occupational Health & Safety Standards, and Environmental Management Standards.

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