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    Our New Hardened Gigabit Ethernet PoE++ Switch Brings New Possibilities For Your Network

    Today, we introduced the first managed PoE++ switch with wireless capabilities for network extension and easy installation. The newest in our diverse family of switches, the Gigabit Ethernet PoE++ Switch is ideal for connecting security & surveillance systems, lighting, and digital signage. This unique self-enclosed switch features Bluetooth, Near Field Communication (NFC), and point-to-point wireless capabilities to make installation, access and network extension easier than ever.

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  • Transform TDM Traffic into IP Traffic with the TDMoEA plug-in card
    Loop Telecom TDMoEA Interface Card

    The TDMoEA Interface card for Loop-AM3440, Loop-O9550* and Loop-9500R* Series The TDMoEA interface plug-in card is used to transport TDM (time division multiplexed) traffic over the IP network in addition to normal Ethernet traffic. As the communications network migrates from TDM to IP, the TDMoEA card provides a flexible and cost effective choice for the

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  • Legacy Cabling: Solving the Network Conundrum
    Solving the Legacy Network Cabling Conundrum

    Re-Using Legacy Cabling for Ethernet Connectivity Explore the use of legacy cabling in the fiber rich, data-driven world we live in today in our latest blog. Re-using legacy cabling with the help of our latest Ethernet Extenders can save you time and money while extending the life of your network. Who doesn’t like that? Upgrading

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  • Albedo xGenius a new dimension in Transmission & Synch Testing
    Albedo xGenius Transmission & Sync Tester

    Best Transmission & Synchronisation Tester when dimension matters xGenius Albedo xGenius is an advanced tester equipped with a capacitive touch-screen suitable for labs and field operations, light and well protected. The unit is able to test Ethernet/IP networks up to 10Gb/s while fully supports Sync-E/PTP protocols. Performance and Quality tests are possible at all opt/elect

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  • MSA Compatible CWDM SFP Modules
    MSA Compatible CWDM SFP Modules

    MSA Compatible CWDM SFP Modules 1000Base-LX/Fiber Channel 1x Single Mode (LC) With DMI We are delighted to announce that the TN-SFP-LX8-Cxxx Series has been released and we want to make sure you are aware. To view more details please follow the link below TN-SFP-LX8-C57T & TN-SFP-LX8-C47 & TN-SFP-LX8-C49 This image is a family photo and

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