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Card Cleaning tool

Cleaning Tool

Cleaning Tool

US Conec’s dry cloth card cleaning tool are the most advanced fiber tip cleaning products available today. The unique, densely woven micro-fiber cloth provides superior cleaning performance while minimizing static charge, ensuring that debris is not instantly attracted back onto the fiber tips like other cleaning tools.


US Conec Card Cleaning Tool

Accommodates SC, LC and MU duplex connections. Good for all single fiber connections (LC, SC, FC, ST) and is suitable for field, laboratory and field applications
OPTIPOP C Harden Field Card Cleaner – 10 sheets per pack, 120 Cleanings and Refillable
Field Card Cleaner – Single Sheet Small Form Factor Card Cleaner, 12 Cleanings and Refillable
NEOCLEAN C Disposable – Small Form Factor Card Cleaner


US Conec


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