CellAdvisor Cable and Antenna Analyzer

JD723C, JD724C, JD725C, JD726C

JD723C, JD724C, JD725C, JD726C

CellAdvisor Cable and Antenna Analyzer

The CellAdvisor Cable and Antenna analyzer conduct installations faster, simpler, and smarter, thanks to its comprehensive testing capabilities, complete measurement functions, and cloud connectivity that expedites installation workflows. It provides integrated solutions for line sweep measurement, RF/optical power measurements, and fiber inspection in a lightweight, cloud-enabled instrument for use during cell site installation and maintenance.


Key Features

  • Inspect fiber with PASS/FAIL indications using P5000i fiber microscope
  • Measure RF and optical power using power sensors
  • Three zoom zones for detailed analysis on multi-frequency bands
  • Up to 40 dBm (10W) RF port protection
  • Generate PDF/HTML reports
  • Automatically saves events that exceed pre-defined limits
  • Application software for post-analysis (JDViewer) and remote control (JDRemote)
  • Web-based remote control via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi


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