CleanBlast System

CleanBlast System


Advanced Fiber Optic Connector End Face Cleaning System

The CleanBlast System provides a fast, effective,and cost-efficient solution for removing dirt and debris from connectors in most common applications. It uses a highly filtered stream of pressurized gas with a vacuum circuit to create a high flow rate jet across the surface of the fiber. The precise, highly efficient non-contact air-solvent-air stream blasts and removes contamination with nearly 100-percent effectiveness.


Key Features

  • Provides rapid, controlled, and repeatable cleaning and removal of contamination from fiber end faces
  • Uses a precise non-contact air-solvent-air mixture/sequence to blast and remove contamination particles
  • Cleans faster, more effectively, and more economically per clean than conventional methods
  • Offers a comprehensive selection of precision cleaning tips and adapters
  • Encased in rugged Pelican® transport case
  • Input for optional FBP probe microscope and 6.4-inch LCD display for fiber inspection capability

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