Scalable RF Spectrum Analysis Solution

Interference Monitoring Solution

CPRIAdvisor is an interference monitoring solution comprising a stationary cell-site probe (CAP-100), optional expansion modules (CAE-100) to increase monitoring port density for distributed antenna systems (DAS) or centralized radio access network (RAN) topologies, and a remote management program (CAM-100) that controls the probes and monitors test results.


Key Features

  • Alarm monitoring and notification
    • CPRI/OBSAI layer-2 alarm monitoring
    • Optical received (RX) power meter
    • RSSI alarm logging (saved with spectrum data and alarm details)
    • PIM detection and alarm logging (saved with spectrum data and alarm details)
  • Real time spectrum measurement
    • RF spectrum analysis with multiple-trace and markers
  • Spectrum logging and replay
    • Spectrum logging for extended measurements (e.g. 7 days up to 12 trace at a time)
    • Spectrum/spectrogram replay capability for post analysis
  • Easy to set up
    • Stores up to ten thousand CPRI profiles in allowing auto-configuration for proper RF measurements (IQ de-mapping) of any RRH
    • Profile database editing, enabling faster configuration in multi-site topologies

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