DNWP Dynanet is a flexible product family for 2 Mbit/s primary access networks. High quality, flexibility, and modularity ensure an ideal fit for both small and large scale deployments. A broad range of interface units for analog voice, Ethernet, slow speed data, copper transport, and optical teleprotection can be
used in all Dynanet multiplexers.

You can easily manage its features and settings and provision services using all of the in-build technologies with a suitable network management system.



DNWP Dynanet is the predecessor of Connection Master  which has served Nokia customers worldwide for over 20 years.

Dynanet customers are offered deliveries for network expansions, spare parts, hardware repair service and support services for:

  • TPS64 – Teleprotection signaling equipment
  • DCNA 4 – DCN adapter and Q1 management software

Spare parts, hardware repair service and support services are also available for:

  • DM2 – 2 Mbit/s multiplexer
  • DB2 – 2 Mbit/s add-drop multiplexer
  • DN2 – 2 Mbit/s multiplexer/digital cross-connect
  • Voice and data interface units
  • Fiber and copper line terminals
  • Subracks
  • Power units
  • Cables and accessories



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