EIT 10

ISDN Analyser

ISDN Analyser

ISDN Analyser EIT 10

The Elektronika ISDN Analyser EIT 10 provides a complete range of test functions for installation and maintenance of the ISDN. In the simulation measuring modes, the EIT 10 can be used at different reference points to check the functions of the ISDN.


Key Features and Benefits

  • BRI-S TE and NT simulation, monitoring
  • PRI TE and NT simulation, monitoring
  • Dual BRI-U interface for troubleshooting between the NT and the Exchange
  • B-channel voice and D-channel signalling monitor
  • BERT bit error test with evaluation in accordance to G.821 / G.826
  • Analog measurement in voice channels & monitoring through built-in speaker
  • Large store-recall memory for test results
  • Power feeding measurements with external adapters
  • LED indicators showing status of line signal



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