Ensemble Controller

Network Management System

Network Management System

Ensemble Controller

Combining network management with domain control

ADVA Oscilloquartz Ensemble Controller is part of our comprehensive Ensemble software solution suite for advanced operation and control of physical and virtualized networks. With its management capabilities, it streamlines operational processes, helps to isolate faults, gathers performance data and delivers comprehensive reporting. Thanks to an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) and multitude of sorting and filtering options, operational staff can easily and efficiently manage the network, no matter how big or complex it is. With our Ensemble Controller’s automated procedures, even tedious and long processes, such as network element backups or software downloads, become child’s play. Open SDN interfaces simplify the integration into overarching orchestrators for automated dissemination of abstracted resource information and network health as well as automated service activation.


Key Features and Benefits

  • Performance management
    Collection, storage and display of performance data enable operators to monitor and optimize network quality and ensure SLAs
  • Open standardized northbound interfaces
    Simplifying integration with open-source and commercial multi-domain controllers
  • Performance management
    Sophisticated sorting and filtering options simplify fault management for instant problem resolution
  • Technology-specific extensions
    Domain-specific applications such as Ensemble Sync Director, Ensemble Optical Director, Ensemble ConnectGuard™ Director
  • Multi-technology management
    One tool for optical transport, packet networks and synchronization
  • Proven, reliable and scalable
    Applied with more than 750 customers; designed to manage more than 100.000 network elements


ADVA Optical Networking

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OSA Ensemble Controller


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