Media Converter Rack 4 slot

Converter Shelf

Converter Shelf

4-slot Media Converter Shelf 

Rack mount up to 4 stand-alone media converters in one convenient un-powered shelf.

Space Saving
Save rack space in low density deployments: 19-inch rack mount, 1RU high.

Mix and match up to 4 Transition Networks stand-alone media converters (excluding double-high models).

Non-power Design
Don’t pay for power supplies twice. This low cost design allows the use of the power supplies that ship with the media converter.

Power Cord Tie-Downs
Eliminates the accidental disconnection of power supplies from the media converters.

Converter Mounting Brackets
Securely mounts the converters to the shelf.

•Optional Faceplate Blanks are available to cover up unused slots


Transition Networks

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