Mini Data Center

Mini Data Center


All-in-one Compact Data Center

A mini compact data center that is cost effective and energy efficient. High density servers exceeding 10Kw. Best suited for mobile containers/shelters, branch offices, disaster recovery operations, small clinics/hospitals, warehouses, remote installations, temporary installation, mobile applications or even a closet. Up to 50% less space required – install it where you want and need it!



  • Rapid deployment in 4-6 weeks from plan to start-up
  • Security: Keeps mission critical data in a secure environment, increases data and hardware protection and guarantees 24/7 business continuity via integrated fire suppression and EMS systems
  • Full turnkey datacenter including cooling, structured cabling, monitoring, power management and protection
  • Scalable from 1 rack to hundreds of racks
  • Individual rack cooling up to 30 kW
  • High level security within rack fire protection and monitoring systems
  • Structured cabling solutions with overhead cable channels
  • Access Control options with either keypad, RFID card reader or fingerprint reader to open the cabinet doors

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