compact WAN emulator

NetStorm is a simple, fast, hardware based Ethernet/IP network emulator that provides the ability to generate common network effects such as packet loss, duplication, delay, congestion, packet errors and bandwidth limitations. It is designed to offer sufficient capabilities and performance to reproduce a wide range of network behaviours up to 1 Gbps rates with accuracy always better that 1 ms. By operating at the Ethernet layer NetStorm can emulate the critical end-to-end performance characteristics imposed by various wide area network situations and by
underlying subnetwork technologies.


Key Features and Benefits:

    • Exact replication of any traffic condition (delay, jitter, loss, error, duplication, …)
    • Multiple traffic patterns (uniform, exponential, burst, random, two-state random, …)
    • Strict bandwidth control in fr/s or bit/s
    • Filters based on MAC, IP, TCP, UDP, Payload…
    • Accuracy better than < 1μs at FDX Gbit/s


ALBEDO Telecom

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