ONET/SDH network synchronization


PTP grandmaster, GNSS receiver and sync probe

ADVA Oscilloquartz OSA 5548c Synchronization Supply Unit (SSU) / Timing Signal Generator (TSG)  is a scalable synchronization solution ranging anywhere from 20 unprotected outputs up to a thousand protected outputs by adding up to four expansion shelves to the core unit. Its ultra-compact footprint makes it ideal for telecom operators to provide scalable network synchronization in over-crowded exchanges. The OSA 5548C SSU/TSG’s distributed intelligence message passing system eliminates single points of failure and guarantees reliable uptime. Core unit and expansion shelves share the same modules, minimizing overall administrative complexity and enabling reduced homologation activity.



Key Features and Benefits

  • Latest generation of SSU with 6U, 19” or ETSI shelves
  • Unique design of master, expansion and remote shelves
  • Intuitive and modular architecture adapted to all telecom node sizes
  • Expandable system to provide up to 1000 protected outputs
  • Stratum 1 / ITU-T G.811 PRC with optional dual GPS cards and ITU-T G.812 Type I, II or III SSU holdover
  • ITU-T G.811 PRC with optional dual GPS and/or GLONASS cards and ITU-T G.812 Type I, II or III SSU holdover
  • ITU-T G.8272 primary reference time clock (PRTC)
  • Universal output and input module/card design
  • Fully manageable by TL1 and intuitive graphical user interface
  • Optional PTP modules
  • 1:1 protection for every card and function
  • GR-2830 Primary Reference Source (PRS)


ADVA Optical Networking

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OSA 5548c TSG

OSA 5548c SSU


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