SignalOn® Series

SignalOn® Series

Active and Passive Products

SignalOn® Series – Active and Passive Products

• High Density with standard F & BNC connectors
• Patented make-before-break attenuator pad design for uninterruptible signal balancing
• Chassis supports both passive and active modules
• Clear chassis door provides protection and clear view of modules
• Clear attenuator pad covers and patented pad guides for simplified maintenance
• High quality, precision F and BNC connectors
• Independent EMI near & far-field testing
• Available in 1RU, 2RU & 5RU chassis
• Modules available; RF splitting/combining, Diplex filters, L-band splitters, Directional couplers, Conditioning and Monitoring, Accessories

• Operation from 50 Mhz to 1 GHz
• GaAs technology with near-100% surface mount design for high performance
• Mounts in same SignalOn® chassis as passive modules for maximum design flexibility
• Digitally variable gain and slop control for non-service-affecting signal level adjustments
• 20 dB monitor points on both input and output signals for testing and troubleshooting
• “Blind-mate” power bus connector with gold-on-gold contacts; requires no cabling
• Chassis-mounted AC-DC & DC-DC power supply options
• Redundant powering with dual load shared power supplies for increased availability
• External +24 VDC powering option
• Modules available; Forward amplifiers, Power supplies, RF switches, reverse amplifiers

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