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SITT Mobile

Services Test Platform

SITT Mobile Services Test Platform –The Mobile Broadband / traffic simulator for mobile network operators! Background Load Generation and Mobile Data Traffic Simulation for SGSN and GGSN. It focuses on simulating real mobile traffic models and performing value added test services.

It helps our customers to improve test and Quality Assurance activities, by offering a superb ease of use, customer support, test automation and automated complex testing, such as Billing Verification and Accuracy testing. It consists of 3 products; SITTgenerator, SITTintegrator and SITTsimulator, where each product starting with SITTgenerator evolves on each other ; the base software of this platform is the background load generator SITTgenerator. For network verification and integration, the SITTintegrator builds upon SITTgenerator. SITTsimulator is the solution for mobile data traffic simulation and test of new end-user services. It includes features of SITTgenerator and SITTintegrator.


SITTgenerator – SIGTRAN support on Gr and Iu-C; Clear, concise GUI and configuration; Scalable; Support of GEA1 Ciphering on Gb.

SITTintegrator – Automated test suites; Support for MOCN (Multi Operator Core Network).

SITTsimulator – CDR validation; End-User Service test; Recorded Traffic Feature.

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