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SmartClass Fiber MPOLx

MPO Optical Loss Test Sets

SmartClass Fiber MPOLx
MPO Optical Loss Test Sets

The MPOLx from Viavi Solutions is the industry’s first dedicated optical loss test set that can perform all the test requirements for Tier 1 (Basic) certification using MPO fiber connectivity. With the combined ability to measure length, optical loss, polarity, and inspect end faces in a single solution, the MPOLx helps technicians ensure a fast and reliable workflow when testing and certifying network links with native MPO connectivity.


Features and Benefits:

  • Measures optical loss at multiple wavelengths
  • Measures length
  • Provides native MPO testing directly on devices
  • Checks polarity for all 12 MPO fibers and delivers test results for all 12 MPO fibers in <6 seconds
  • Provides native MPO end-face inspection and automated analysis for both trunk cables and bulkheads
  • Dual wavelength optical light sources
  • All-day battery life
  • Fast and reliable test and certification workflow
  • Complete MPO end face inspection and analysis at both ends
  • Integrates with FiberChekPRO


VIAVI Solutions

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