SmartClass Fiber

ORL-85 and -85P

The SmartClass Fiber ORL-85 and -85P Inspection-Ready Optical Return Loss Meters combines microscope, optical power meter (OPM), light source (OLS), continuous wave return loss meter (OCWR), and connector inspection in a single handheld instrument. It is optimal to perform quick and reliable testing of single-mode optical system return loss and ensures the signal quality especially in CATV and FTTx networks.


SmartClass Fiber Handheld Testers

SmartClass Fiber is a product family of handheld test tools that integrate fiber inspection, optical testing and PASS/FAIL certification together in a single device. With SmartClass Fiber, technicians obtain ultimate flexibility and performance in a powerful, yet easy to use solution that can turn any technician into an instant fiber expert. This unique integration of fiber inspection and optical testing provides an efficient and easy-to-use solution that promotes best practices for handling fiber and testing system power and link loss to reduce costly mistakes that lead to service calls and unnecessary network downtime. Automatically certifies fiber end face condition and provides optical test measurements with simplicity that turns even new technicians into instant fiber experts. The hands-free carrier provides a portable and organized solution for easy use inside homes, at demarcation points, or while climbing up telephone poles and cell towers. All models are inspection-ready allowing connector end-face inspection and certification. Modern user interface with 3.5″ color touch screen .

The SmartClass Fiber OLP-85 and -89P Inspection-Ready Optical Power Meters are perfect to measure power and loss in general and high power applications in long-haul, metro, access and local area networks.  With a 100 dB dynamic range, it’s ideal for any fiber-optic network power or loss test application.

The SmartClass Fiber OLS-85 Inspection-Ready Optical Light Source combines up to 4 wavelengths into a handheld instrument making it optimal for link loss testing in single-mode and multimode optical networks. It is the ideal partner to the SmartClass Fiber OLP-85 and OLP-85P to perform automatic loss test.

The SmartClass Fiber OLTS-85/85P Optical Loss Test Sets lets installers and technicians work fiber smart by integrating industry-leading fiber inspection with Tier 1 testing. This efficient, easy-to-use solution promotes best practices while cutting testing and certification time in half. Have confidence in your network quality and optimize your workflow with a single solution.


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