Snap Plug Professional Compact Crimper Tool




The Snap Plug™ Professional Compact Crimper Tool T10610 from T3 Innovation is designed for the SNAP PLUG™ only. Good for professional installation that requires high performance. While crimping the Snap Plug™, this tool will trim the wire at the same time, increase efficiency at work, and reduce unnecessary crimping errors. It’s a tool that could meet multiple needs for professional use to achieve best termination.

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Snap Plug Professional Compact Crimper Tool T10610 has a light weight design and multiple features for professional use. It’s compact and weighs 30% lighter than the standard crimping tool.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Good for all SNAP PLUG connectors
  • Built-in stripping blade / Cutting blade
  • Built-in conductor straightener
  • Built-in push button lock for easy storage
  • Replaceable trimming blade


T3 Innovation

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