TDMoEA Interface Card

Interface Card

Interface Card

TDMoEA plug-in card transforms TDM traffic into IP Traffic.

TDMoEA Interface card for Loop-AM3440, Loop-O9550* and Loop-9500R* Series

The TDMoEA plug-in card is designed for Multiservice TDM DS0 cross-connect multiplexer Loop-AM3440-A/B/C. His 4 E1 backplane provides the transport over IP or Ethernet of the groomed voice and data services in PseudoWire Emulation End-to-End (PWE3). This Layer 2 switch card with 2 GE Combo WAN and 2 GE LAN combine PWE3 with local Ethernet applications thanks to QoS, VLAN and Q-in-Q. These packet circuits can connect all IP6702A/ IP6704A/IP6750/IP6763 TDMoE product family.


Key features:

  • Hot pluggable interface card for AM3440-A/B/C and soon O9550A/C* and O9500R* series
  • Layer 2 switch with 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports for WAN or LAN connection
  • Support 64 TDM PseudoWire Emulation End to End with MEF-8 (TDMoE) , CESoPSN and    SAToP of services E1, FE1, E1-CAS. T1, FT1 and n 64Kbps 
  • Port transmission delay measurement
  • WAN and Bundle (PWE3) protection


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