Turn-up and Installation Sync Tester

Turn-up and Installation Sync Tester for 3G/4G/5G Mobile Backhaul, E911/Critical Infrastructure, Financial Networks and Power Comms

Calnex Sentinel provides canned tests for quick testing. Test PTP, SyncE and legacy networks. It verifies Ethernet performance in either loop-back or peer-to-peer mode.


  • Synchronisation Installation
    • Verify Sync is working as expected
    • Measure Time Error and PDV (PTP), Wander (SyncE, TDM), and clock output (frequency and phase)
    • Test to ITU-T G.8265.1 and G.8275.1
  • Ethernet/Datacom – RFC2544 Testing
    • Verify the performance of your network by testing throughput, frame loss, latency, jitter, and burst
    • Execute as symmtric and asymmetric
    • Two modes: Loop-back mode or peer-to-peer mode


Calnex Tempo provides canned tests. Embedded GPS/GLONASS/BEDOU receiver and optional mini Rubidium (GNSS disciplined Rb holdover).

Key Features and Benefits:

    • Provides canned tests for quick turn-up and installation testing
    • Embedded GPS/GLONASS/BEDOU receiver and optional mini Rubidium (GNSS disciplined Rb holdover)
    • Test PTP, SyncE and TDM in one box
      • Accurately measures Time Error, PDV and Wander
      • Tests both legacy and new networks
      • Includes built-in pass/fail limits
    • Measure TDM (PDH/SDH/Sonet) signals
      • Supports TDM network sync testing
      • Includes industry-standard masks G.811/G.812/G.813/G.823/G.824
    • Automatic RFC 2544 and Y.1564 testing
      • Verify network performance by testing Throughput, Frame Loss, Latency, Jitter and Burst
      • Provides two way measurements for asymmetrical and symmetrical testing
    • Multistream
      • Simultaneously test 8 traffic streams configured with CoS/QoS
      • Simulate realistic traffic conditions such as Internet, VoIP and IPT


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