Tone Generator & Amplifier Probe Kit

Tone Generator and Amplifier Probe Kit
Complete Signal Tracing Solution

The tester kit comprised of Tone Generator and Amplifier Probe from IDEAL, is designed primarily for the identification, verification and tracing in twisted pair, coax and de-energised AC wiring. Easy to operate, the handheld kit is an essential piece of kit for technicians, installers, contractors and maintenance engineers.

The Tone Generator sends a signal to a wire pair or single conductor. The Amplifier Probe identifies the problem with precision. The result is no damage to the insulation and an accurate reading.


Tone Generator Key Features:

  • Performs: tone generation, continuity testing, talk battery and line polarity confirmation
  • Built-in regulated signal amplitude creates a tone that travels farther on Cat5+ cables
  • Three tones, selected from front panel, to chose from to differentiate from outcomes
  • RJ modular jack allows for easy replacement of the lead set or cable assembly
  • Automatic shut off saves battery
  • Separate Talk Battery function for added power with craft test sets
  • Uses one 9V battery – included
  • Constant tone amplitude over life of battery

Amplifier Probe Key Features:

  • Excellent signal sensitivity to assure pinpoint identification
  • Volume control for increased sensitivity and adjustable to suit work environment
  • Low battery indicator
  • Recessed on/off button to prevent battery drain
  • Uses one 9V battery – included


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