VIAVI JDSU SmartClass Ethernet TPS
SmartClass Testers

SmartClass Testers

Point Solution Testers

The SmartClass testers provide the ideal solution for Access network technologies. They will help you deliver the triple-play of voice, video and data services, by testing the fiber, ADSL services and Ethernet services.

These products are StrataSync enabled.

SmartClass Ethernet – Entry-level Ethernet test solution for up to 1G electrical/optical Ethernet interfaces with VLAN, Q-in-Q tags, or MPLS labels and verification of Carrier Ethernet SLAs.


  • Full traffic generation tester
    • Layer 2 and Layer 3 traffic generation
    • Layer 3 Ping and Traceroute connectivity verification
    • RFC 2544 throughput verification and circuit qualification
  • Loopback and Traffic Generation modes
    • Installation of point-to-point and point-to-multipoint Ethernet services
    • Cable diagnostics to find electrical cable faults
    • Optical power measurements to check laser levels
    • Loop back and filter incoming traffic at IP or Ethernet layer
    • Link Statistics and Results to measure incoming frames and link status

SmartClass Triple Play Services (TPS) – All-in-one tool for broadband services installation, including copper, ADSL 1/2/2+, WiFi, coax, HPNA, fiber, IP data, VoIP, and IP video testing.


  • DSL networks and triple-play services
  • WiFi and in-home coax networks
  • Broadcast and VoD streams including VMOS
  • VoIP packet streams
  • IP data connectivity
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