TCP/IP, MPLS, VoIP & SIP Internetworking

TCP/IP, MPLS, VoIP & SIP Internetworking – This course will explain the Internet Protocol, addressing, quality of service levels, applications such as email, web browsing and VPN’s and the future using IPv6. It will then explain the emergence of MPLS as a transport technology and will explain how these technologies are shaping modern “All IP” Infrastructures with QoS using VoIP as an application to explore the requirements of a modern “All IP” network. Some course benefits are to understand how these technologies interconnect to form “next generation” architectures; Know the technical benefits and limitations of the technologies; Plan. design,
install and maintain these networks effectively.

The course objective is to understand the technologies well enough to be able to design networks effectively; Show how “all IP” networks are positioned to provide the services of the future Understand the technical details of “data friendly” TCP/IP and MPLS.